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George ChronisGeorge Chronis

CEO & Chief Technology Officer, Foresite Healthcare

George Chronis is CEO of Foresite Healthcare, a company that commercializes technology to improve quality of life by generating early illness alerts. He was instrumental in the development of Foresite Patientcare™, Foresite Eldercare™ and Foresite Health at Home™.

Chronis earned two degrees at MU. He received his doctoral degree in robotics and artificial intelligence in 2007 and his master’s degree in computer science in 1998. His work and publications are in computational intelligence and include autonomous mobile robot navigation, spatial relations, linguistic spatial cognition, programming by demonstration, fuzzy logic and evolutionary computation.

Before joining the Foresite Healthcare team, Chronis founded CyberSense, a software solutions and development company that has undertaken projects with more than 100 organizations worldwide in both the academia and commercial sectors. Projects developed and managed span a wide variety of demanding, large-scale data and computation-intensive applications.

Foresite Healthcare

Joe BoswellJoe Boswell

CEO & Co-Founder, ThermAvant Technologies

Joe Boswell is an experienced engineer and entrepreneur who leads the financial and business development efforts at ThermAvant. Boswell also contributes to technology, product and process development on ThermAvant’s leadership and engineering teams.

Before joining ThermAvant, Boswell was the founding chief financial officer of InsideTrack Inc. He helped build the company from five employees to more than 160 and raised the company’s first two rounds of institutional financing. He also was a mergers and acquisitions banker at J.P. Morgan and has written or co-written six journal publications related to oscillating heat pipes. Boswell has been the principal Investigator on nine research and development projects since 2009 and is the named inventor on four of ThermAvant’s patents (granted or pending).

Boswell graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Management & Technology program with degrees from the Wharton School of Business and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

ThermAvant Technologies